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Top 200 Collectors

What Even Is Collector These Days?

What Even Is a Collector These Days?

How has the concept of a collector changed over the past 34 editions?

Historically, building an art collection was a gradual process that took years, if not decades. When ARTnews began publishing its annual Top 200 Collectors list in 1990, the art world was at an inflection point for collecting. So when exactly is it that these buyers become collectors, and ones that merit inclusion in the Top 200? Read an introduction to the 34th edition of the list.

Collectors Highlights

Black-and-white portrait of Jay-Z.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter

East Hampton, New York; Los Angeles


Contemporary art

Black-and-white portrait of Shane Akeroyd.

Shane Akeroyd

Hong Kong


Contemporary art

Sonya Yu

Sonya Yu

Los Angeles; San Francisco

Creative agency (Four One Nine)

Contemporary art

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